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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat?

Let us do something we thought we couldn’t. Fuck the "Authoritarions." Long live Bill Maher! Critically thinking let us question the so called “authorities” Speak Truth to Power and be Compassionate Souls too. 

We know You are all Busy Busy Busy caught in our own little microcosmic orbit... However, Please Take a Moment to Think about, or even better Do Something to make this Earth a better place. Breathe. Slow down. Pick up a piece of trash (that wasn't yours to begin with and say nothing about it). Doing the right thing is it's on reward. Can You Keep a Secret?

Promote peace. Love Self & Love Each Other "LIKE YOU MEAN IT" when and how as best you can. Smile at some lonely soul who is having a rough go of it and lend a hand. This is where we start, but as we become more organized, and from the grassroots grow a Local and Online Community We will be able to take a Direct Action Collectively and in so doing make a Significant Impact upon the World at Large. We MUST Start Somewhere! So here we are!!! From local to Global who knows what we can really accomplish for the Greater Good? 


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